We are BRIDGEWOMEN. Everyday women just like you, who choose to rise up and become bridges in our world…

BRIDGES who unite the generations.
BRIDGES who connect with others regardless of background or socio-economic status.
BRIDGES who unite ethnic diversity.
BRIDGES who unite with others beyond our comfort zones.
BRIDGES who unite with those who are different than us.
BRIDGES who bring restoration to broken relationships.
BRIDGES who unite our marriages and families, causing them to become continually stronger.
BRIDGES who bring unity where there has been division.
BRIDGES who unite even when it’s difficult.
BRIDGES who unite others with Christ.
BRIDGES who keep ourselves connected with Christ even in the midst of challenges.
BRIDGES who unite our faith with God’s promises for the future.

We are women who choose to UNITE!

She Unites with Her Creator

We all want to live a full and flourishing life, don’t we? We want our lives to matter and to make a difference in this world. For many, life may seem a bit disconnected, common or ordinary. The daily routines of life can become rather discouraging if we let them, can’t they? Do you know this is NOT the way that God intended us to live? The Bible tells us in John 10:10 that Jesus came to give us life ...
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Navigating Challenges in Friendship

Have you ever taken the time to examine your friendships? Have you considered the strengths, weaknesses and motives behind your relationships? Even close friendships can be complex and challenging occasionally, can’t they? Issues like misunderstandings, hurt feelings and disagreements can be difficult to navigate and work through. Strong, healthy friendships are important to the heart of God. He desires that His children unite and bond together in close, intimate relationships. We certainly need God’s WISDOM to be the kind of ...
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Unity in Friendship

Have you ever felt lonely in a crowded room? That feeling can be a bit painful and unnerving, can’t it? Do you know there may be others all around you who feel the very same way? How do we overcome feelings of loneliness? It is so comforting to know that God knows our hearts, our desires and needs, far better than we do ourselves. God created each one of us for a relationship with Him and with each other. The ...
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Her Story

Liz’s Story

My story is not uncommon, but it is one that I have determined will give God glory and be used to help others who have a similar story. I was raised in church. My dad constantly told me to “wait” for marriage… that I was worth the wait, and that God had something better than my wildest dreams in store for me. But all of that came crashing down when, in my 6th grade classroom, I was sexually assaulted in ...
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Calli’s Story

Girlfriends… for some women they come easy, but for me they always seemed like too much risk. Growing up, I saw my parents’ relationship with God everyday, but I never really figured out how to make that relationship my own. Because of that, I often pushed God to the side. I loved Him, but never pursued him, not realizing I was depriving myself of the healing His love and acceptance brings. Like many girls, I found myself on the outside ...
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Jessica’s Story

My name is Jessica, and I'm 16 years old. Growing up, I wanted nothing more than to find unconditional love, affirmation and stability. Whether it was in my family or with others around me, my relationships were far from perfect, and there was a void in my heart that I desperately wanted to fill. At one point, I was even diagnosed with anxiety and depression. I began taking medication, but it was trial and error... the doctors kept changing the ...
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BridgeWomen is a fresh, contemporary setting where women of all ages take time out of their busy schedules to exhale, recharge, refresh and connect! Connect with God through worship and relevant, practical Bible teachings geared specifically to women; and Connect with new friends! An awesome pre-school program is provided as well as transportation & spanish translation for anyone who would like to utilize those services. We're saving you a seat and can’t wait to connect with YOU!
Bridge_Women2 days ago
Loved seeing you at church today! Remember, BRIDGEWOMEN is back starting Monday, January 29th at 6:30PM, and it is going to be a night you don’t want to miss!🎉🎊 We encourage you to bring a girlfriend to this unforgettable event. And for your little ones (infant - 5th grade), a BridgeKids special event will be happening just for them! They will have tons of fun while learning about God! Our qualified and nurturing kids team will encourage and minister to your littles in safe and fun environment. Spanish translation is provided for this #freeevent as well. We can’t wait to see you there! #bridgewomen #sheunites
Bridge_Women4 weeks ago
You’re invited! We hope you and your family will join us for a very special Christmas Eve at The Bridge Church. We’d love to save you a seat! Services are happening at 10AM and 4PM. #christmaseve #dontmissit #bridgewomen
Bridge_Women1 month ago
You’re invited! Please join us for our Christmas Eve services at The Bridge! It’s going to be an incredible day!! 🎄#bridgewomen

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2 days ago
Loved seeing you at church today! Remember, BRIDGEWOMEN is back starting Monday, January 29th at…
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Happy New Year! We hope you’ve been enjoying the holiday break!! Remember, BRIDGEWOMEN…
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You’re invited! Please join us for our Christmas Eve services at The Bridge! It’s going to be an…
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Meet Liz. On the BRIDGEWOMEN blog page, you'll find her talking about how God called her to…

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